Infant Care

Genesis Room: The Beginning

A Baby’s First Year is a World of Achievements!

God created the heavens and the earth in 7 days…

Our Genesis Infant room provides a loving, caring place for your new bundle of joy to begin their journey.   Our infant teachers go above and beyond to provide the TLC and guided support so your little one can develop and achieve every cognitive, social, emotional, and physical milestone. Your child’s teachers are devoted early childhood professionals that purpose to create warm, fun, and interactive learning experiences through child exploration and curiosity.

Our solidified partnership with parents, individualized schedules, personal nutritional needs, daily reports, and consistent communication make the infant care experience warm and home like.

Our Objectives

Physical Development

Our goal is to daily enhance fine and gross motor skills to prepare for a lifetime of lively movements. Through daily tummy time and other practices we assist to strengthen the ability to lift their head, roll over, scoot, crawl, sit up independently, stand with support and walk. The ability to open/close hands, reach, hold a bottle, grasp objects with hands, pincer grasp with fingers, point, and pick up food independently is pivotal.  One-on-one daily assistance with various activities boosts your baby into action!

Early Language Development

From baby’s first cooing sounds, mimicking our sounds, and first words, we are right there.  Twice daily, infants interact with an early language development video program to jump start language development.  Teachers read books, talk, play games, name objects, and sing songs daily to support language.

Cognitive Development

Sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and language all process using mental function.  The sound of the teacher’s voice, visual stimulations, games, songs, toys and much more all help an infant’s cognitive function to progress.  Our babies interact all day in ways we never noticed.

Social Emotional Development

As your infant grows with their teacher’s love, they soon look at their fellow class mates and enjoy playing peek-a-boo, responding to their name, smiling and showing satisfaction when their teacher holds them.  Your baby is sure to be content, responsive, and constantly progressing with the world around them.

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