Pre-K Classroom

AGES 4-5 Years
Our Pre-K  Program is filled with fun, discovery and exploration sure to expand every child’s learning capacity.  Daily interactive lessons, creative learning environments, daily devotions and loving teachers will for sure lead your child on the path to success in school and life.


Purpose built play areas for your childs growth and education

4 Year Old Objectives

AGE 4 Years
  • Be introduced to and know several Bible stories, memory verses, nursery rhymes, finger plays, and songs.
  • Know his/her full name along with immediate family’s names.
  • Know the name of the city, state in which they live.
  • Know the names of all upper and lower case letters.
  • Trace all upper and lower case letters with finger.
  • Count numbers 1-25, identify by name and write correctly.
  • Identify the phonetic sound of all letters of the alphabet.
  • Begin basic math counting and pointing to 1-10.
  • Name and identify various colors and shapes.
  • Show the ability of special concepts, sorting and pattern making.
  • Be introduced to many books with interactive reading times.
  • Grow in fine and gross motor skills.
  • Grow in visual perception.
  • Know basic manners and self-care points, and classroom etiquette.


5 Year Old Objectives

AGE 5 Years

Know several Bible stories, memory verses, and songs which the child can recall when prompted.
• Be able to say the names of the books in the Old Testament.
• Know the name of each letter in the alphabet –  lowercase and uppercase.
• Know the phonetic sound of all letters and words that begin with the letter.
• Be able to correctly write the lower and uppercase letters of the alphabet.
• Know by name and be able to correctly write and group the numbers 0-40.
• Be able to count backwards from 10-0 and count by 10’s to 100.
• Be able to identify various colors and shapes.
• Be able to demonstrate spatial concepts, sorting, sequencing, and patterns.
• Be able to name the daily weather as well as appropriate clothing needed for the day’s weather.
• Be able write both their first and last name using a capital letter for the first letter of their name.
• Be able say their full name, address, and phone number.
• Be introduced to coins, the clock, and addition.
• Be able to classify animals and plants along with modes of transportation.
• Age-appropriately be able to handle emergency situations.
• Identify community helpers and the roles they play in the child’s life.
• Be introduced to his/her place in the world by looking at maps and by studying his/her state and country.
• Be able to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
• Begin to experiment with weight of various objects.
• Be able to classify items as living or non-living.
• Be able to name various holidays and explain the central theme of each.
• Be able to help with basic chores around the home.
• Be able to take care of basic hygiene and personal needs.
• Be able to politely answer the phone and call 911.
• Be able to name the five senses and give examples of each.
• Be able to name and explain the parts of a book as well as what is needed to put a book together.
• Be able to read 28 sight words.
• Be introduced to many books.
• Increase in fine and gross motor skills along with visual perception skills.

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