Toddler Care

Our Toddler Room uses hands on experiences to create a stimulating environment for your toddler to become more involved in the world around them.  Each professional guides your toddler to self-confidence, becoming more independent in daily activities, and introducing the basic educational concepts to prepare for preschool.

Toddler Objectives 

Your tinkering toddler will receive daily lessons from our Christian-based curriculum.
  • Get acquainted with several Bible stories, poems, songs, and books. They will show excitement when recognized.
  • Know his/her first and last name
  • Know 28 signs for basic words
  • Be introduced to 28 animals
  • Be introduced to various colors and shapes
  • Name and remove various pieces of clothing
  • Increase in fine and gross motor skills
  • Name and point to body parts
  • Learn basic obedience

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